Gel-Pak to Showcase its New Adhesive Products at the IMS 2022

Gel-Pak to Showcase its New Adhesive Products at the IMS 2022

Gel-Pak, a Delphon company and worldwide leader in protective carriers for semiconductor, optoelectronic, and medical devices, will showcase its new Lid Clip Super System LCS2, Polyurethane Device Carrier, and Texturized Film JEDEC Carrier at the International Microwave Symposium in Denver, CO June 21-23, 2022.

Craig Blanchette, Sr. Process Engineer at BAE Systems will present the innovative new LCS2 during the event’s Microapp session on Tuesday, June 21ST at 1:45 pm. Developed in partnership BAE Systems, the new lid/clip system prevents thin semiconductor die from migrating out of the pockets of waffle pack/chip trays during shipping and handling.

Gel-Pak’s new Polyurethane Device Carriers look and function similar to the market-leading Gel-Box, Gel-Tray, and Vacuum Release Tray products, but with an alternative elastomer technology. The proprietary polyurethane material is both static dissipative and non-silicone.

The Textured Film JEDEC Carrier, based on a reversible adhesion technology known as the Gecko effect, uses microstructures to securely hold components in place during shipping and handling. The film is ideal for in-process device handling and for shipping of packaged components. The product is available in sheet and roll format and will be showcased laminated to a JEDEC carrier. 

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