Indium Corp to Feature Precision Au-Based Die-Attach Solder Materials for RF Applications at IMS 2022

Indium Corp to Feature Precision Au-Based Die-Attach Solder Materials for RF Applications at IMS 2022

Indium Corporation, a leading supplier of solder materials for laser, optical, and RF microwave applications will be showcasing their Au-Based alloys at the upcoming IMS 2022 event in Denver, Colorado from 21-23 June. Au-based alloys are a great choice to ensure good performance and reliability for applications requiring a high-melting die-attach solder. In addition to meeting the demanding thermal and electrical requirements for high-reliability applications, they also provide the strongest corrosion and oxidation-resistant solder joint possible. Semiconductor laser and RF power die-attach applications require the highest quality, ultra precise solder preforms to ensure accuracy and repeatability during assembly for a guaranteed highly-reliable end product. Indium Corporation’s Au-based PDA preforms offer the highest level of quality available to deliver the best performance possible in critical, high-reliability die-attach applications. 

Key Features Include:

  • Highly accurate thickness control
  • Precision edge quality, virtually burr-free
  • Optimized cleanliness control
  • Default waffle-pack method

Indium Corporation’s AuLTRA™ 75 is an off-eutectic AuSn preform solution (75Au25Sn) designed to improve intermetallic reliability in applications using a die with a thicker gold plating, such as a GaN die used for high-frequency, high-power RF power amplifier devices for 5G and other critical military and aerospace wireless communications. AuLTRA™ 75 helps improve the operation of these critical technologies by offering a lower gold content, allowing for the absorption of gold from the die, and thereby ensuring a strong solder bond.

Key Features of AuSn Preform:

  • Deliver improved wetting and voiding
  • Allow for adjustment of the final solder joint composition
  • Are available in 78Au22Sn and 79Au21Sn formulations

Indium Corporation’s AuLTRA™ ThInFORMS are 0.00035” thick (0.00889mm or 8.89μm) 80Au20Sn preforms that improve the overall operational efficiency of high-output lasers. AuLTRA™ ThInFORMS™ help combat common issues such as:

  • Shorting—reduced solder volume inhibits wicking up the die, minimizing the risk of shorting
  • Poor thermal transfer—the ultra-thin 0.00035” preform reduces bondline thickness, thus improving thermal transfer and increasing the longevity and performance of the device.

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Au-based Solder Materials at their IMS 2022 Booth in Denver from 21-23 June. Click here to see everything RF's coverage of IMS 2022.

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