Comba Telecom's New 4G/5G Green Base Station Antenna Helps Operators Become Carbon Neutral

Comba Telecom's New 4G/5G Green Base Station Antenna Helps Operators Become Carbon Neutral

Comba Telecom, a leading global wireless solutions provider, has announced the release of the 4G/5G (8TR) Green Integrated Base Station Antenna, which expands its tower top product portfolio to help operators achieve their carbon neutrality targets.

In the face of increasingly severe global climate change, green growth and carbon emissions reduction have become a global consensus. As carbon emissions and socio-economic development are interrelated, countries worldwide prioritize achieving the carbon neutrality targets, requiring the energy consumption restructuring of different industries. 5G-enabled technologies and connectivity, which empower the major verticals to digitalize and transform the way they operate, play an important role in combating climate change. With the mission to support net-zero goals, Comba Telecom, as a leading provider of wireless and communications systems, explores and innovates new architectures, solutions, and technologies of mobile antenna systems, and provides a series of forward-thinking solutions for operators to build green, low-carbon, intelligent and highly efficient 5G networks.

To support the low-carbon deployment of 5G networks, Comba Telecom has launched a high-end 4G/5G (8TR) integrated Base Station Antenna (BSA), which meets the capacity and coverage requirements, and has become the mainstream tower-top antenna solution for global 5G network construction.

For low-carbon network operation, Comba Telecom has released a low-loss and high-efficiency green antenna. With the adoption of Pin to Pin low-insertion-loss modular integration solution, low-insertion-loss phase shifters and feeder network integration is achieved, minimizing the antenna internal loss, and improving the antenna gains and efficiency. As a result, it will improve the base station’s coverage under the same input power, which is conducive to reducing the density of the base station. While within the same coverage area, the input power of the base station is lower, and its energy consumption is minimized.

Striving to build a green industry supply chain, reduce the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process and realize sustainability throughout the life cycle of the antenna, Comba Telecom introduced a new environmentally friendly coating process, using the ion beam coating to replace the traditional electroplating process which consumes high energy and causes environmental pollution. Also, Comba Telecom innovated and developed a lightweight, environmentally-friendly radome with a low-dielectric constant through the application of foam-solid combination, modified thermoplastic material, and composite extrusion foaming processes. The whole process of manufacturing is pollution-free, and the product can be easily recycled and reused. In addition, the low dielectric constant, low loss, and low-density features help to reduce the weight of the antenna and improve its efficiency.

Comba Telecom will continue to accelerate 5G network evolution and technological advancement, enabling operators to build high-quality, high-efficient, green, and low-carbon new network infrastructure through technology and product innovation.

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