MtronPTI Introduces K-Band Diplexer for Common Data Link Applications

MtronPTI Introduces K-Band Diplexer for Common Data Link Applications

MtronPTI has announced the release of a K-band diplexer, the UFDX9999-008, which joins a broad portfolio of products that support Common Data Link (CDL) applications. MtronPTI’s oscillators, filters, multiplexers and integrated assemblies enable secure, wideband, real-time uplink and downlink transmission of payload control and sensor data via a CDL.

The UFDX9999-008 provides excellent channel-to-channel isolation, low insertion loss, small size and in many cases high power handling. MtronPTI has successfully designed and delivered microwave filters and integrated microwave assemblies into numerous CDL applications and is advancing the technology daily. These products are qualified on datalinks for space, manned and unmanned aircraft, on the move and fixed ground stations, shipboard, beyond the line-of-sight wideband satellite communications and ground unmanned vehicle markets.

Key Features of the UFDX9999-008 Include:

  • Low Noise Figure
  • Highly Selective
  • High band-to-band Isolation
  • World-class SWaP
  • High Power Handling
  • Modular Solutions

MtronPTI offers a broad line of precision crystal resonators, oscillators, filters, and Integrated Microwave Assembly solutions. MtronPTI is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev. D certified organization.

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