MilliBox to Conduct Five Live Demonstrations at IMS 2022

MilliBox to Conduct Five Live Demonstrations at IMS 2022

MilliBox, a leader in benchtop mmWave anechoic chambers and antenna positioners, announced that it will conduct five live demonstrations on the show floor of IMS 2022 in Denver CO from June 21 to June 23, 2022. Two demonstrations will be held at MilliBox booth 7101 and three others will be shown by partners and customers.

Demo 1 at Booth 5020: NI will showcase the integration of the MilliBox controller in its mmWave OTA tool suite.

Demo 2 at Booth 10036: Copper Mountain Technologies will demonstrate the integration of MilliBox with its USB VNAs.

Demo 3 at  Booth 7078: pSemi will show how they used MilliBox to develop their beamforming solution.

Demo 4 & 5 at Booth 7101: MilliBox will showcase its large capacity chamber (MBX33) to the public for the first time.

Demo 5 at Booth 7101

MilliBox will unveil its new GIM05 Spherical Roll antenna positioner in a MBX02 chamber. The GIM05 brings a revolutionary solution for antenna over-the-air (OTA) measurement with a spherical roll design offering the widest possible unobstructed field of view. Traditional Azimuth-Elevation positioners have arm structures on the sides of the device under test (DUT) which blocks the measurement path at some high angles. Instead, GIM05 holds the DUT from the back which completely clears the sides from obstruction and stray reflections coming from the positioner body.

“We launched MilliBox at IMS in Philadelphia in 2018 and since then the demand for our product has raised exponentially so we are pleased to see that this market presence is reflected in this year’s iteration of IMS exhibition. As MilliBox is becoming a staple feature in many mmWave labs around the world, more partners and customers are happy to show their support publicly.” Declared Dr Chinh H Doan, Founder and CEO of Milliwave Silicon Solutions, the Company behind MilliBox Product Line.

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