pSemi Demonstrates New mmWave Antenna Integrated Module Using MilliBox Solutions at IMS 2022

pSemi Demonstrates New mmWave Antenna Integrated Module Using MilliBox Solutions at IMS 2022

pSemi, a Murata Company and one of the leaders in mmWave ICs and systems, is demonstrating its new Antenna-integrated Module using an antenna positioner and custom-modified antenna chamber from MilliBox. In the demonstration, pSemi showcased the AiM0 Antenna module using a custom-modified MilliBox MBX02 with the MilliBox GIM03 positioner.

The pSemi 5G mmWave AiM demo at IMS2022 will highlight: 

  • Live beamforming, beam steering, and 3D radiation-pattern measurement 
  • RF patch antenna alignment demonstration 
  • EVM performance with regard to EIRP 
  • Accurate calibration of the chamber air gap for EIRP measurements

David Watling, Field Applications Engineer at pSemi/Murata, states: “I have been using the Millibox chamber and gimbal for two years. This is a very cost-effective solution, and the results have impressed all my customers and colleagues. I have used it to demonstrate both beam patterns and to resolve debugging issues. I have sometimes needed to plot all 16 patch antennas separately, which requires many hours of reliable operation, so when I was tasked with demonstrating our 5G mmWave Antenna Integrated Module at IMS 2022, I knew I needed to take my MilliBox with me

“We are happy to see that David brought his MilliBox to the IMS 2022 show floor It is an MBX02 that David customized himself, so it stands vertically in order to make it fit in his lab space. He also heavily modified its software to meet his testing requirements,” says Millibox creator Jeanmarc Laurent adding, “This really demonstrates everything we wanted MilliBox to be: a solid modular foundation that users can use as-is or can tailor to their specific needs for years of successful testing.” 

Other MilliBox live demonstrations at IMS 2022 can be seen in Copper Mountain Technologies Booth 10036 and NI's booth 5020. 

Stop by the MilliBox booth 7101 to learn more.

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