NI Demonstrates New and Improved EVM Measurement Technique for Wireless LAN Signals

NI Demonstrates New and Improved EVM Measurement Technique for Wireless LAN Signals

NI has developed a fast convergence cross-correlation measurement technique to provide best-in-class error vector magnitude (EVM) performance with Wireless LAN (WLAN) signals. The new technique utilizes patented technology that allows engineers to improve both the accuracy and measurement speed of critical EVM measurements. It allows WLAN device manufacturers to guarantee spec compliance and state-of-the-art performance while accelerating time to market. NI is at the IEEE’s Microwave Symposium 2022 in Denver this week at Booth 5020 for a hands-on demo of the Cross-Correlation Technology.

The evolution of the Wi-Fi 7 or IEEE 802.11be standard offers consumers dramatic improvements in data throughput through wider channel bandwidths, improved spectrum efficiency and higher-order modulation schemes like 4096-QAM. Wi-Fi 7 also introduces new technical requirements to WLAN device manufacturers and requires WLAN systems and components to achieve more stringent RF performance requirements.

One of the most challenging RF performance measurements of new Wi-Fi 7 designs is the EVM measurement over wide RF bandwidth. To address this challenge, NI has introduced a multi-instrument measurement technique that takes advantage of two NI vector signal transceivers (VSTs). The approach utilizes cross-correlation signal processing to improve measurement accuracy and achieve Wi-Fi 7 performance specifications. The new technique implements patented technology that allows engineers to reduce the time to perform extremely high dynamic range, wide bandwidth measurements by up to 100x when compared to traditional cross-correlation methods, depending on the scenario. The result reduces product characterization times, allowing test engineers to accelerate time to market. The EVM Measurement Technique described herein is protected by US Patent No. 10,841,019 and US Patent Publication No.: 20220065972.

“As Wi-Fi 7 technology is driving ever increasing RF performance levels, NI continues to innovate with new measurement techniques that allow our customers to reach state-of-art performance while improving their test time and manufacturing yields,” said Chen Chang, Senior Director of Offering Management. “NI’s new patented fast cross-correlation measurement technique allows our customers to guarantee industry leading RF performance – and do so while accelerating their time to market.”

In addition to improving measurement performance, software-centric PXI automated test systems offer industry-leading flexibility and scalability. Through standardization of NI’s full platform of instrumentation from DC to mmWave, engineers can reduce overall characterization time while increasing test coverage. This allows NI customers to deliver higher product performance while accelerating the product development workflow.

Stop by NI's Booth 5020 for a hands-on demo of the Cross-Correlation Technology at IMS 2022 in Denver.

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