Kratos Awarded Contract to Build a C-band Geostationary Orbit Spectrum Monitoring Facility

Kratos Awarded Contract to Build a C-band Geostationary Orbit Spectrum Monitoring Facility

Kratos Defence & Security Solutions, one of the leading National Security Solutions providers, has been awarded a contract to build a state-of-the-art C-band Geostationary Orbit (GSO) Satellite Spectrum Monitoring Facility. Kratos is implementing this solution as part of a joint project with Japan’s main satellite operator, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) in Japan.

The system will address MIC’s need to implement a new location for spectrum monitoring, protected from 5G interference, that will help in assuring the spectrum and reducing the potential for signal congestion, RF interference and illegal usage. Kratos is working closely with SKY Perfect JSAT, the prime contractor who is coordinating with the Japanese government to implement the project and to host the C-band antennas.

Kratos hardware and software products incorporated in this turnkey integrated ground system include Monics for spectrum monitoring, satID for geolocation of satellite transmitters, Compass for network Monitor & Control (M&C), Geomon for ITU mission automation, and a big data analysis platform for ground system analytics. This platform will enable operators to collect performance data across ground systems and use business intelligence to analyze satellite measurements from both regulatory and technical perspectives. These products and solutions will be integrated with Kratos antennas covering the C frequency band to provide an end-to-end management solution.

“Increasing space traffic continues to impact spectrum reliability worldwide,” said Susumu Fujimoto, President of Kratos Communications Japan. “Kratos will help the MIC and regulators around the globe to minimize interference, check licensing, and assure the spectrum. The MIC’s new spectrum monitoring facility will enable the delivery of reliable, interference-free licensed satellite services.”

Kratos has worked with numerous government spectrum regulators around the world to build advanced spectrum monitoring solutions. Kratos offers comprehensive turnkey capabilities and a broad portfolio of products for end-to-end ground operations including networks, RF management, and Space Domain Awareness (SDA) from office locations around the globe.

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