Copper Mountain Technologies Introduces 6 to16 Port USB VNAs that Operate up to 9 GHz

Copper Mountain Technologies Introduces 6 to16 Port USB VNAs that Operate up to 9 GHz

Copper Mountain Technologies has introduced a new series of Multiport USB VNAs at IMS2022 in Denver, Colorado this week. The SN5090 vector network analyzers are a competitively priced, versatile multiport solution with excellent dynamic range and measurement speed available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16-port configurations. They are conducting a live demonstration of the SN5090-16 at booth 10036 from 21-23 June at the event.

The SN5090 VNAs are an organic extension of the Compact VNA family. This enables the full complexity of VNA measurements, a streamlined calibration process, and reduced test times. The SN5090 hardware can fit a 19” rack and utilizes robust, durable port connectors with ergonomic positioning for simplified cable connection. The VNAs feature CMT's next-generation software that delivers an intuitive and contemporary user interface compatible with both Linux and Windows OS.

Preliminary Specs

The SN5090 VNAs enable dependable and accurate testing of various DUTs: multiport antennas, integrated circuits, switches, interconnects, cable assemblies, diplexers, etc. Relevant applications include telecommunications, automotive, satellite, aerospace, defense, and many other industries that require multiple input/output components.

“With built-in differential measurement capabilities, this product will enhance the design and production of next-generation HDMI and USB cables for consumer goods and high bandwidth data for automotive and aerospace applications,” explained CMT’s Senior RF Engineer SME, Brian Walker who spoke about how the Multiport VNA solution will benefit users. “Full Far End and Near End crosstalk can be quickly and easily measured between any two of four twisted pairs in cable assemblies such as HDMI or shielded automotive cable bundles. Simplifying the evaluation of multiple RF channel phases for beam-steering applications.”

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