Marki Microwave Releases RF SOI-Based SPDT Switch that Operates up to 40 GHz

Marki Microwave Releases RF SOI-Based SPDT Switch that Operates up to 40 GHz

Marki Microwave, an innovator in the radio frequency and microwave industry for over 30 years, has entered the RF SOI (Silicon on Insulator) market with the release of a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switch. The MSW2-1001ELGA supports a wide bandwidth up to 40 GHz and is Marki's first product in an upcoming series of RF SOI switches.

“We have a history of pushing technology barriers, and our decision to venture into SOI was no different. We are entering this market with the same commitment to excellence and innovation that sets our GaAs-based products apart from industry standards,” said Christopher Marki, CEO of Marki Microwave. “I’m extremely proud of this new capability and look forward to rolling out this latest technology platform to our customers.”

Like the rest of Marki Microwave’s product portfolio, the SOI development is done in-house, allowing the company to support its customers’ high-frequency switch and other switched-based product needs, while also furthering efforts to design technology for the entire RF block diagram. The new family of SOI products will support a wide range of frequency bands, bandwidths and switch counts for multi-channel operation and power levels while simplifying the implementation and control of such devices.

As Marki Microwave’s first SOI-based switch, the MSW2-1001ELGA features a wide frequency bandwidth from DC to 40 GHz while its high voltage breakdown allows for high input power compression and high linearity operation of over 50 dBm. It supports hot-switching with make-before-break implementation and the switch’s flip-chip die-attach technology results in a low impedance design with optimal thermal performance.

The MSW2-1001ELGA is available now in a compact land grid array package.

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Marki Microwave is showcasing its product portfolio at IMS 2022 in Denver, Colorado this week. Stop by their booth to learn more about this and other new and innovative products.

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