WAVEPIA Introduces New C-Band and Ka-Band GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers

WAVEPIA Introduces New C-Band and Ka-Band GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers

At IMS 2022, WAVEPIA introduced two new MMIC Power Amplifier products in the C-band and Ka-band frequency bands. These new GaN MMIC products provide the optimal mix between performance and efficiency.

The C-band portfolio has been expanded with the addition of a 5-7 GHz 50 W GaN Power Amplifier (WPGM0507050M). This state-of-the-art 5-7 GHz 50 W MMIC has an efficiency of up to 44.3% and can be used for various applications in both commercial and defense industries, including broadband communication, radar systems, and satellite communication.

The new Ka-band GaN MMIC, WPGM3439010M Power Amplifier, is fabricated using 0.15μm GaN-on-SiC technology and delivers up to 10 W of saturated RF output power across 5 GHz of bandwidth between 34 to 39 GHz. This robust GaN MMIC is designed for use in satellite communications, 5G networks, and other aerospace and defense system.

Product Features of WPGM0507050M Power Amplifier

  • 5-7 GHz GaN MMIC PA
  • 47.28 dBm Pout at 6GHz
  •  21.35 dB Power Gain
  • Power Added Efficiency:  Max 44.3%
  • Ideal for Communications, Radar Systems, SATCOM
  • 16.94 mm x 6.35 mm MPKG package

Product Features of WPGM3439010M Power Amplifier

  • 34-39 GHz GaN MMIC PA
  • 40.78 dBm Pout at 35.5GHz
  • 10.78 dB Power Gain
  •  Drain Efficiency: Max 21%
  • Ideal for mmWave 5G Communications, SATCOM, Multifunctional RF Seekers
  • 20 mm x 10 mm MPKG Type

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