Qorvo Introduces GaN Power Amplifier Biasing Reference Design

Qorvo Introduces GaN Power Amplifier Biasing Reference Design

Qorvo®, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, announced the availability of the ACT41000-104-REF1, a GaN power amplifier (PA) biasing reference design that enhances the design and testing of Qorvo’s GaN PAs.

GaN devices are depletion-mode FETs that require a negative gate voltage during operation. In systems using GaN PAs, a specific bias sequencing is required: a negative gate voltage must be applied before increasing the drain bias voltage to protect the device from damage.

Qorvo’s ACT41000-104-REF1 provides built-in configurability that enables it to bias a variety of GaN PAs and auto-calibrate the system. It integrates the power MOSFETs and current digital-to-analog converter to allow the device to precisely detect the PA quiescent drain current. The design uses power management to simplify the GaN biasing procedure.

The ACT41000 can operate from an input voltage between 4.5 to 40 volts, which enables it to generate a regulated adjustable output voltage up to 24 volts at 4 amps, in small steps of 12.5 millivolts. It comes with an evaluation platform and GUI, allowing customers to adjust the Output Drain Voltage, Quiescent and Maximum Drain Current, PA device current and voltage protection, switching frequency and other features to optimize GaN PA performance.

Power Bias Solution for RF GaAs and GaN Power Amplifier, Vd and Vg Bias Supplies with Autonomous Bias Point Search Routine

This procedure takes place every time a user powers up the system, providing auto-tuning under conditions such as aging or temperature fluctuations. This makes testing easier and more automated. The ACT41000’s built-in configurability allows it to bias a variety of Qorvo GaN PAs across many markets, including satellite communications, 5G, radar and more.

David Briggs, Senior Director of Qorvo’s Programmable Power Management Products, said, “Qorvo is dedicated to simplifying the design and testing of real-world solutions for our customers and suppliers. This newest integration of Qorvo’s power products into our GaN portfolio is just the tip of the iceberg of our planned portfolio expansion.”

Click here to view a video tutorial that helps explain how the ACT41000 is specifically designed to integrate with Qorvo’s industry-leading GaN products.

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