Mercury Systems Develops Digital Radio Frequency Memory for Real-time Processing of Radar Signals

Mercury Systems Develops Digital Radio Frequency Memory for Real-time Processing of Radar Signals

Mercury Systems, a leader in making trusted, secure mission-critical technologies for the aerospace and defense industry, has developed DRFM, or Digital Radio Frequency Memory, systems that perform real-time processing of received radar signals.

New threats are emerging across the electromagnetic spectrum as adversaries rapidly develop advanced radar and jamming capabilities. By digitizing, processing and transmitting an adversary’s radar pulses, a DRFM can deceive the radar system, which is especially critical to protect against radar-guided missiles. Typically, DRFM systems consist of broadband RF hardware, high-speed digitization modules and low-latency FPGA processing boards.

Adopting a modular open architecture approach to DRFM system design can provide a pathway to rapid capability deployment. Mercury provides a broad portfolio of modular open-architecture building blocks, including microwave transceivers, direct digitization and FPGA processing, to offer a family of modular DRFM-based subsystems that deliver real-time processing to the spectrum.

Advantages of DRFM Systems from Mercury Include:

  • Built-in Security: Confidently deploy mission-critical technology with physical and cybersecurity protection, built in, not bolted on.
  • High Frequency/Broadband: Stay ahead of advanced and emerging threats with 5G-compatible broadband and wide instantaneous bandwidth solutions.
  • Open System Architectures: Simplify integration using open architectures for greater affordability, scalability, interoperability and sustainability.
  • Modular Design: Increase tech-insertion speed and lower program risk with proven, modular, open-standards designs.

Train Like You Fight

As near-peer threats increase, it has become imperative to continuously train radar operators against realistic airborne electronic attack systems. By incorporating advanced electronic warfare (EW) training pods that accurately emulate enemy jamming and deception capabilities, radar operators can be prepared for operation in contested electronic environments. Mercury accurately imitates a wide range of hostile electronic attack systems with their radar-training technology that incorporates advanced DRFM subsystems and a continuously evolving library of validated jamming and deception threats.

Reduce Cost with Radar Environment Simulators

Testing radar and EW capabilities on the range is expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars per hour. Mercury advanced radar environment simulators allow users to test complex radar functionality on the ground, minimizing flight testing and reducing total program development time, cost and risk.

Protect What Is Most Important

A DRFM subsystem is designed to modify radar signals in real-time to protect pilots and the operators of other critical platforms from radar-guided threats. Mercury implements an open framework to deliver the latest in RF and mixed-signal processing technology to DRFM-based electronic attack systems.

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