Mitsubishi Develops a High Power RF MOSFET for Commercial 2-Way Radio Applications

Mitsubishi Develops a High Power RF MOSFET for Commercial 2-Way Radio Applications

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a company with diverse portfolio of RF Semiconductor products based on GaAs, Silicon and GaN, has announced that it will launch a 50 W silicon radio-frequency (RF) high-power metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) module for use in high-frequency power amplifiers of commercial two-way radios on August 1. The model, which offers an industry-leading 50 W power output in the 763 MHz to 870 MHz band and high total efficiency of 40%, is expected to help expand radio communication range and reduce power consumption.

The 150 MHz and 400 MHz frequency bands used for various wireless systems have become congested in North America and other markets. Therefore, the 700 MHz band, formerly used for analog TV broadcasting, has been reallocated for commercial two-way radio, increasing the demand for radios that support this band.

Conventional power amplifiers, experience a large power loss, so there is a need for RF high-power MOSFET modules offering a built-in input/output impedance-matching circuit and guaranteed output-power performance. The new silicon RF high-power MOSFET (RA50H7687M1), which achieves unmatched power output and high total efficiency for commercial radios compatible with the 700MHz band, is expected to expand the communication range and lower the power consumption of such radios.

Key Features of the MOSFET Module

Industry-leading 50W power output for extended radio-communication range
- Both on-resistance and drain-source capacitance4 are reduced through miniaturization.
- Low on-resistance for improved power density achieves unmatched 50W output power for two-way radio.
- Increased output power expands communication range by up to 6% compared to the existing model.

Industry-leading total efficiency for reduced power consumption and smaller dimensions
- Reduced drain-source capacity and optimized input/output impedance-matching circuit achieve industry-leading total efficiency of 40% for commercial two-way radio.
- Increased total efficiency reduces MOSFET heat generation, resulting in power savings and downsizing.

Built-in impedance-matching circuit and conventional package reduce circuit-design load
- Built-in input/output matching circuit simplifies the external circuit and reduces radio circuit-design load.
- Same external profile as that of existing product simplifies adoption of new module.

Future Developments
Mitsubishi Electric plans to expand the frequency range of its lineup by launching a 900 MHz module equipped with the newly developed MOSFET in January 2023.

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