SiTime Partners with Oregano Systems to Deliver a Turnkey IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization Solution

SiTime Partners with Oregano Systems to Deliver a Turnkey IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization Solution

SiTime, a pioneer in MEMS-based IEEE 1588 timing technology, and Oregano Systems, a leading provider of embedded design and consulting services, have partnered to deliver a turnkey IEEE 1588 time synchronization solution that combines best-in-class hardware and software from both companies. 

The IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP) is an essential networking technology used to synchronize clocks throughout time-sensitive networks. Originally developed in 2002, the protocol’s next iteration – IEEE 1588-2008, also known as IEEE 1588v2 is the most widely used version today.  IEEE 1588 PTP continues to evolve, and an enhanced protocol version, IEEE 1588-2019, includes backward-compatible improvements to IEEE 1588v2.

IEEE 1588 provides a cost-effective alternative to using GPS clocks on endpoint devices, which may not have easy access to radios or satellite signals. A packet-based, bidirectional communications protocol, IEEE 1588 precisely synchronizes distributed clocks in Ethernet and IP-based networks with nanosecond accuracy. The protocol is widely used for timing synchronization in 5G mobile networks, data centers, industrial process control, audio-video networks, smart energy distribution, industrial IoT networking, and time-sensitive services such as autonomous driving and financial trading.

Implementing the IEEE 1588 protocol in real-time networking applications can be a complex task, especially for developers who are not immersed in the intricacies and technical nuances of precision timing technology. Fortunately, time-sensitive networking just got a lot easier and more resilient.

SiTime and Oregano’s end-to-end solution includes SiTime’s IEEE 1588-optimized precision timing products and Oregano’s new Sync1588 protocol stack and software. The environmentally resilient, Class D-compliant solution provides the most complete IEEE 1588 time synchronization offering with the easiest implementation approach, backed by SiTime’s and Oregano’s commitment to quality and outstanding support.

The new IEEE 1588 time synchronization solution is ideal for deployments operating under harsh environmental stresses, such as 5G infrastructure, data centers, and next-generation automotive systems. Accurate, reliable time synchronization underpins the stable operations of time-sensitive networks. Even for engineering teams with domain expertise, designing a custom networking solution is a complex, time-consuming process that often requires IEEE 1588 expertise. SiTime’s and Oregano’s platform-agnostic solution greatly simplifies IEEE 1588 development. Customers can now focus on product design and enhancing network performance without requiring IEEE 1588 expertise, coding or custom development, resulting in faster time to market and revenue. 

The IEEE 1588 solution includes SiTime’s environmentally resilient precision oscillators: the Elite and Elite X Super TCXOs and Emerald OCXOs. It also includes SiTime’s Cascade clock-system-on-a-chip family of clock generators, jitter cleaners and network synchronizers targeting IEEE 1588 synchronization applications in high-speed networks. Optimized for the highest level of clock tree integration, the Cascade family consolidates multiple clock ICs and oscillators into single-chip devices that use SiTime’s third-generation MEMS resonators to deliver higher performance at lower power levels. SiTime’s MEMS-based clocks and oscillators provide stable operation in a broad range of environmental conditions and are resilient to high vibration, extreme temperatures and high air flow environments.

SiTime has demonstrated the IEEE 1588 time synchronization solution on the Xilinx MPSoC platform with embedded Linux and achieved 5-nanosecond accuracy with both partial and full timing support.

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