Rohde & Schwarz to Implement RF Spectrum Monitoring Solutions in Serbia

Rohde & Schwarz to Implement RF Spectrum Monitoring Solutions in Serbia

The Serbian Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) has awarded Rohde & Schwarz a contract to improve and expand their RF spectrum monitoring systems. RATEL plans to build a network of compact and remotely controlled measuring stations in cities and major towns across the country.

Rohde & Schwarz delivered their compact R&S®EM200 spectrum monitoring receivers and direction finders and R&S®ARGUS spectrum monitoring software alongside omnidirectional antennas and accessories to Serbia in 2021. The increased adoption shows that these solutions worked well for RATEL in Serbia.

"Rohde & Schwarz is delighted to supply RATEL with the latest spectrum monitoring technology and we are very happy to see their continued trust in our solutions,” says Anne Stephan, Vice President Critical Infrastructure at Rohde & Schwarz. “RATEL will use time difference of arrival (TDOA) as a more affordable solution to verify public broadcasters and locate unwanted signals in the monitored RF spectrum. TDOA can be combined with angle of arrival (AOA) to create a hybrid method for faster and more precise localization of sources in cities or their immediate surroundings.”

The R&S EM200 is a cost-efficient and versatile spectrum monitoring receiver and direction finder. The compact size and low power consumption allow operation as a standalone station or one integrated into various manned or unmanned platform solutions. R&S ARGUS enables direct measurements, interactive routines and automated procedures. The software combines powerful spectrum monitoring features with easy and efficient operation, making it ideal for both expert and less experienced operators.

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