Pegatron Using MVG's Multi-Probe Test System to Accelerate Antenna and OTA Testing Procedures

Pegatron Using MVG's Multi-Probe Test System to Accelerate Antenna and OTA Testing Procedures

Pegatron, one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of consumer electronics for branded vendors is using the Microwave Vision Group (MVG) multi-probe test system for fast and accurate antenna testing, for both passive antenna measurement as well as Over The Air (OTA) testing. As a result, the company ensures that the product design lifecycles are as short as possible, thereby lowering operational costs and reducing their product time-to-market.

The SG 24 multi-probe system makes a rapid scan of the test object in seconds and completes a full spherical measurement in only a few minutes. There is flexibility, too. MVG systems can perform test measurements on standalone antennas, as well as test the performance of an integrated device -- such as a smartphone or laptop - in which antennas are already installed. SG 24 is designed to cover all types of test evaluations.

Dr. Wu welcomes the SG 24 10 GHz upgrade. “It will benefit our product development and those devices equipped with 5G NRWi-Fi 6E and UWB technology,” he says. The SG24 has helped us tremendously, especially on antenna designs, active measurements, and telecom carrier certifications. The multi-probe technology also allows us to expedite the design process.”, says Dr. William Wu, Senior Director of RF & Antenna Division at Pegatron.

The multi-probe system offers a wide range of measurement capabilities including gain, directivity, beamwidth, cross-polar discrimination, sidelobe levels, radiation patterns, antenna efficiency as well as TRP, TIS, EIRP and EIS OTA testing, covering all state-of-the art protocols. It has a typical dynamic range of 70 dB, oversampling capability, and can comfortably accommodate a DUT of up to 1.15 m at 10 GHz. It is ideal for CTIA certifiable measurement facilities.

"From my perspective, the main challenge will be to achieve accurate measured results at the high frequencies planned for 5G technology and beyond,” explains Dr. Wu. “We believe MVG will have ready solutions to meet our needs when the time comes.”

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