Advanced Radar Environment Simulators Provide Cost-Effective Alternatives to Flight Testing

Advanced Radar Environment Simulators Provide Cost-Effective Alternatives to Flight Testing

Mercury Systems, a company that develops a broad range of products that include SSPAs, filters, ferrites, limiters, mixers, transceivers, switch matrices, DIFM receivers, and custom assemblies, has developed an Advanced Radar Environment Simulator (ARES). This innovative test and measurement solution provides proven, cost-effective alternatives to flight testing with an environment simulator ideal for applications including anechoic chamber, Open-Air Range (OAR), and laboratory-based testing. These simulators are available in a standard configuration or can be custom-built along with an option to include EA threat emulation and other advanced capabilities.

This ARES test system is built to meet the requirements of increasing complexity around cognitive and adaptive EW jamming techniques, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, agility, and spectral range.

Utilizing this advanced system, users can recognize technology gaps and acknowledge where improvements are needed to effectively track and operate against jamming attacks. ARES creates a safe, yet effective, environment for users, such as radar operators, to test their equipment for better preparedness, effectiveness, and training.

Mercury’s radar environment simulators are the industry standard with 25 years of development and advancements made to create a robust, more affordable way to simulate radar environments. The ARES products apply this trusted technology to a standard, configurable solution

Key Benefits of the ARES Test System

  • Shorter lead times
  • Variety of repeatable test environments
  • Modular design to adapt as needed
  • Better pilot training for greater overall safety and threat avoidance
  • Configurability to include advanced capabilities, such as EA threat emulation.


  • Radar performance evaluation
  • ECM vulnerability assessment
  • Radar production testing
  • ECCM training/tactics development
  • Air defense personnel training
  • Receiver/processor development

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