Collins Aerospace Introduces Militarized VHF Navigation Receiver the Meets International Operability Requirements

Collins Aerospace Introduces Militarized VHF Navigation Receiver the Meets International Operability Requirements

Collins Aerospace introduces the AN/ARN-147(V) system which combines all VHF Omni Ranging/Instrument Landing System (VOR/ILS) functions into one compact, lightweight, low-cost set. It is the first militarized VHF navigation receiver with MIL-STD-1553B certification. The solid-state system is MIL-E-5400 class II qualified and meets international operability requirements by providing 50-kHz channel spacing for 160-VOR and 40-localizer/glideslope channels. This receiver system is recognized worldwide as a value-added solution on multiple military platforms. 

Originally designated as the standard VOR/ILS receiver for the United States Air Force, the An/ARN-147(V) quickly gained acceptance by many military users around the world and is installed on a multitude of platforms, including C-130, C-141, C-5, UH-1N, CH-47, UH-60, T-50 and JAS 39 Gripen.

The AN/ARN-147(V) is a proven design derived from extensive experience in navigation and precision approach and landing systems. As a leading supplier of these systems, Collins Aerospace has designed and manufactured more than 100,000 VHF navigation and landing systems. Solid-state modular design and rugged construction provide long life, high reliability and excellent maintainability for both new and retrofit applications on fixed and rotary-wing aircraft

The receiver combines all VOR/ILS functions in one compact, lightweight, low cost system. The AN/ARN-147(V) meets multiple stringent MIL-STD requirements, assuring peak performance under the harshest military aircraft environments. With support for both analog and digital (MIL-STD-1553B) interfaces, the AN/ ARN-147(V) is compatible with a variety of aircraft architectures. The AN/ARN-147(V) is available to meet FM broadcast immunity requirements as defined in ICAO Annex 10. Non compliant models can be upgraded with an FM immunity retrofit kit.

Key Features of the AN/ARN-147(V) VHF Omni Ranging/Instrument Landing System:

  • Low power, lightweight, solid-state design 
  • FM broadcast immunity per ICAO Annex 10 
  • Analog and MIL-STD-1553B interface 
  • MIL-E-5440 Class 2 environment 
  • MIL-STD-810 vibration 
  • MIL-STD-461/462 electromagnetic interface 
  • Selectable rotor modulation suppression
  • High reliability: Predicted mean time between failures is 7,700 hours

AN/ARN-147(V) System Specifications

Operating Characteristics
Frequency Range108.00-117.95 MHz
Frequency ControlMIL-STD-1553B or ARINC 2-out-of-5
VOR Channels160
LOC Channels40
Audio Sensitivity10 uV
Frequency Stability ±0.005%
Flag Sensitivity10 uV
VOR Low Level150 mV at 10 degrees
VOR High Level2.0 V at 10 degrees
MIL-STD-1553BMIL-STD-1553B 12 bits plus sign, range ±180 degrees, LSB 0.044 degrees
LOC Low Level90 mV at 0.093 DDM
LOC High Level1.2 V at 0.093 DDM
MIL-STD-1553B12 bits plus sign, range ±0.4 DDM, LSB 0.0002 DDM
Deviation Accuracy VORRTCA DO-196

Frequency Range329.15 to 335.00 MHz
Frequency Control MIL-STD-1553B or ARINC 2-out-of-5
Channels40 with 150 kHz spacing
Frequency Stability±0.005%
Flag Sensitivity20 μV
Deviation Output Low Levels78 mV at 0.091 DDM
Deviation Output High Level1.04 V at 0.091 DDM

12 bits plus sign, range ±0.8 DDM, LSB 0.0002 DDM
Deviation AccuracyRTCA DO-192

Low Level Flag+300 to +500 mV, 1 to 5 loads, 1,000 ohms each
High Level Flag+15 to +22 V, 1,500 ohms load minimum

Marker Beacon
Frequency 75 MHz
SensitivityHigh: 200 to 1,000 μV, Low: 1,000 to 4,000 μV
Lamp Outputs3 lamps output, +28 VDC lamp load, 340 mA maximum, strappable for single lamp
Audio OutputNot less than 100 mW into 150-ohm load, at 10 times lamp threshold

Physical Characteristics
Size4.12 x 5 x 12 in. (W/H/D)
Size104.6 x 127.3 x 304.8 mm (W/H/D)
 Weight With MIL-STD-1553B8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Weight Without MIL-STD-1553B7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg)

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