Cellium Launches Agnostic Active Antenna Indoor Wireless System that uses RAN Technology

Cellium Launches Agnostic Active Antenna Indoor Wireless System that uses RAN Technology

Cellium Technologies Ltd. (Cellium) has announced the launch of its new patented EdgeAir system. Cellium’s unique indoor wireless active antenna system is a technology agnostic solution that provides superior performance and is a low-cost option for indoor LTE and 5G connectivity for both enterprise and mobile operators.

The EdgeAir system is based on Cellium’s home-bred intelligent System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and is the world’s first solution to optimize any Sub-7 GHz wireless protocol that addresses the current and future needs of in-building wireless (IBW) connectivity. The revolutionary technology agnostic solution is compatible with all indoor wireless technologies including, LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and IoT networks.

“With the global adoption of 5G moving at a rapid pace the question still remains on how to solve the inbuilding penetration conundrum and how to provide cost-effective, high-throughput indoor wireless connectivity,” said Dror Jerushalmi, Chief Executive Officer, Cellium Technologies Inc. “Cellium’s is well positioned to tackle these challenges with the launch of its ground-breaking EdgeAir active antenna system that is suitable for both mobile operators and private enterprise customers”.

The Cellium Solution

Cellium developed a protocol and RF technology agnostic solution this is capable of handling any MIMO signals without any digital to analog conversion, compression, or other degradation of the RF signal. Cellium’s unique approach to indoor wireless connectivity utilizes radio signals that emanate from a signal source, such as any third-party RAN cell, Wi-Fi Access Point, or IoT hub connected to the Cellium Base Unit. The signal is efficiently distributed via the existing in-wall CATx Ethernet cables that carry the wireless signals in the analog domain to multiple radio Cellium Remote Units located inside the building.

Cellium’s EdgeAir offers operators and private network enterprises a new approach to indoor connectivity, EdgeAir is a cost-effective solution that allows carriers to use a single radio to emit LTE and 5G signals, supporting NSA. said Raz Kivelevich-Carmi, Chief Marketing and Business Officer, Cellium Technologies Ltd. “Our solution is based on Cellium’s in-house CEL1000/CEL2000 SoCs, which is RAT, RAN topology and vendor agnostic.”

Cellium Roadshow

During August and September 2022, Cellium will be taking its EdgeAir system on a global roadshow to showcase their new approach to indoor wireless connectivity.

Click here to learn more about Cellium's EdgeAir system.

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