TMYTEK Showcases mmWave Solutions for 5G/B5G, SATCOM, and Radar Applications

TMYTEK Showcases mmWave Solutions for 5G/B5G, SATCOM, and Radar Applications

TMY Technology, a mm-Wave solution provider, has announced the release of the TMYTEK Solution Day 2022 video, which focuses on cutting-edge millimeter-wave technologies and paving the way for numerous advanced 5G/B5G, SATCOM, and radar applications. These solutions support mmWave development for education, R&D labs, production testing, and mass deployment for use in smart cities, smart mobility, and IIoT.

The TMYTEK Solution Day 2022 virtual event featured participation from several industry global partners, including Keysight (Taiwan), DuPont MCM, NI, Analog Devices, and Sivers. Academics from the University of Bologna, Foshan University, and National Chung Cheng University, as well as global distributors also took part in showing how TMYTEK solutions support their R&D.

Speaking at the event, TMY Technology Founder and President, Su-Wei Chang identified TMYTEK as a design, materials, manufacturing, and testing one-stop shop solution provider that firmly connects global ecosystem partners with the best Taiwanese supply chain. Prototyping, manufacturing, and commoditization are the three phases of mmWave evolution. TMYTEK offers pioneering solutions with the best total cost of ownership, reducing CAPEX and OPEX while also shortening time-to-market.

Ethan Lin, Co-founder and VP of TMYTEK, pointed out the critical breakthrough solutions to realize the 5G/B5G and SATCOM application including array antenna design testbed, high-power ESA testbed solution, mmWave communication development platform, OTA solutions: from lab to fab and education solutions and each of them plays a different role from education, R&D, testing and deployment. "In particular, the high-power ESA testbed solution uses a transmission phased array with only 192 elements, as opposed to the original 1,600 elements, to achieve a 78-dBm EIRP Ka-Band ESA.We are excited to unveil revolutionizing mmWave solutions and have faith in offering our customers competitive technologies."

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