RADX Introduces COTS, Low-Cost, Removable High-Performance PXIe/CPCIe SSD Data Storage Modules

RADX Introduces COTS, Low-Cost, Removable High-Performance PXIe/CPCIe SSD Data Storage Modules

RADX Technologies, a leading US-based, small business supplier of COTS, High Performance Computing (HPC) hardware and software products for modular Test & Measurement (T&M), Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Electronic Warfare (EW) markets, has announced the Trifecta-SSD®-RM, a Family of COTS, Low-Cost, High-Performance, Removable M.2 NVMe SSD Data Storage Modules for PXIe/CPCIe Systems.

The Trifecta-SSD®-RM PCIe/CPCIe Modules feature a unique M.2 NVMe SSD Data Cartridge that is easy-to-remove, replace, and upgrade. When inserted into the Trifecta-SSD-RM Module, the Data Cartridge connects to the PXIe Chassis backplane via a PCIe G3/G4 x4 interface. Trifecta-SSD-RM Data Cartridges are available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 TB capacities, which is 2x to 16x the capacity of popular Embedded Controller (EC) SSDs. When employed in a G3 PXIe x4 or x8 PXIe chassis, Trifecta-SSD-RM can support sequential read/write performance up to ~3.5 GB/Sec, which is ~ 7x faster than Embedded Controller (EC) SATA3 drives for both sequential read and write performance and ~3x faster sequential write performance than popular EC NVMe SSDs. In addition, Trifecta-SSD-RM, unlike Embedded Controller SSDs, supports software RAID with multiple modules, which can easily double, triple or quadruple the capacity and performance of the data storage subsystem via RAID-0 or provide enhanced fault-tolerance via RAID-1.

Ideal Low-Cost Storage Upgrade 

With its ease-of-use, flexibility, wide range of capacities, high performance, and low price, Trifecta-SSD-RM provides a cost-effective data storage upgrade for both existing and new PXIe/CPCI systems supporting wideband data acquisition applications where SSD write performance is important, as well as for applications that require frequent security level changes and/or rapid backups.

“We’ve seen dozens of applications that need a high-performance, easy-to-remove, data drive that’s larger and faster than Embedded Controller drives but doesn’t require the 16, 32 or 64 TB/slot and 7 GB/Sec read/write performance of our flagship Trifecta-SSD-RAID Modules for ultra-wideband systems,” said Ross Q. Smith, RADX Co-Founder and CEO. “With Trifecta SSD-RM, customers can now add COTS SSDs up to 7x faster and 16x larger than Embedded Controller SSDs - at previously unattainable price points, which is essential for users needing better performance, multiple drives for data archiving, and/or multiple security levels.”

The Trifecta-SSD-RM is slated for General Availability in Q4 2022. Pricing for the module including 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD Data Cartridge starts at $1,999.

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