SAG Develops NFC-enabled Zip Tie Tag for Pipes and Rounded Surfaces

SAG Develops NFC-enabled Zip Tie Tag for Pipes and Rounded Surfaces

SAG, a member of the RAIN RFID alliance, has introduced an NFC-enabled Cable Tie Tag for simple and convenient supply chain management, asset management, inventory control and other item tracking applications. When we want to tag a loose item, cylinder, or pipe with a rounded surface, it is difficult to mount a hard tag or put a smart label like we do on a flat surface.

Metal surfaces can result in interference and thereby affect the performance of RFID tags. To deal with this, SAG has created cable tie tags available with NFC technology to fasten loose items while providing an ID number to facilitate the reading with NFC-enabled phones.

These one-time-use cable tie tags cannot be removed without leaving a mark, which provides a tamper-proof function to enhance its security level. This zip tie type RFID tag can be easily applied to items. It is ideal for use in security, access control, garment tracking, and in factory automation applications.

This tag operates in the high-frequency range of 13.56 MHz and contains user memory of 144 bytes. It is designed to provide electrostatic discharge protection with a voltage rating of ±2 kV and operates over a temperature from -25° to +85°C. The cable tie tag is available in black and yellow with NXP NTAG 213, ICode SLIX and STMicroelectronics ST25TV02K NFC-compliant chips

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