Ignion Opens its First Office in China

Ignion Opens its First Office in China

Ignion, a global antenna innovator has opened its office in Shenzhen, China with the aim of expanding its venture and providing strong local support to its client and partners in the region. The Shenzhen Office in China is the Third office to be opened by Ignion, worldwide.

Ignion has proven its manufacturing capabilities by being in the Antenna space for 20+ years and by scaling and creating a new generation of multiband, multipurpose, and ready-to-use, chip antennas. Ignion specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of IoT antennas, SMD antennas, SMT antennas, off-the-shelf antennas, chip antennas, M2M antennas, miniature antennas, multiband antennas, Wi-Fi antennas, and Bluetooth antennas. Ignion´s mission is to accelerate IoT and empower the ecosystem with off-the-shelf antenna solutions.

Ignion has sold more than 25 Million units of chips worldwide with a 200% CAGR in sales of Virtual Antenna Components. Launching a successful IoT product with off-the-shelf Antenna solutions and handling the manufacturing and distribution worldwide can be a complex journey but Ignion is radically improving the process by opening its offices in locations of geographical importance which will result in faster time to production and seamless distribution, with the focus on providing optimum support to all the locals and the partners involved.

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