thinkRF Introduces Real-Time Spectrum Monitoring / Intelligence Platform

thinkRF Introduces Real-Time Spectrum Monitoring / Intelligence Platform

thinkRF has developed a real-time wireless infrastructure monitoring / intelligence platform that can be used to characterize, optimize and protect vital RF spectrum networks with real-time insights. The Spectrum eXperience Management (SXM) solution can be used to continuously monitor all major 4G and 5G parameters and provide immediate notifications for any new, changed or discontinued deployments in an area.

SXM comprises of powerful thinkRF sensors (SXM nodes) to collect RF spectrum data, a cloud to store data with maximum cybersecurity and an insightful software (SXM API) that provides advanced analytics to users. SXM insights are delivered to your desktop, empowering you to eliminate threats and seize opportunities.

SXM Node: Sophisticated fault-tolerant real-time spectrum analyzer with powerful signal processing & networking features.

SXM Cloud: SXM nodes collect RF spectrum data 24/7 which is stored in the SXM cloud.

SXM Node Deployment: thinkRF installs, owns, operates, and maintains all SXM nodes across a region. No CAPEX required.

SXM API: Access real-time mobile network intel 24/7 from Operators, location, protocol, shared spectrum (DSS, CA, LAA), occupancy etc.

SXM is a subscription-based service. Customers pay only for the data they need. All they need to do is subscribe to the areas and data they want, for example, you can get 24/7 real-time data or historical data in a city or in certain neighborhoods in that city. They can decide what they need and when they need it.

Jim Nerschook, COO at thinkRF, stated “thinkRF’s SXM identified an operator using a band that was not licensed to them. We knew that this operator had a network sharing agreement with the licensee of that particular band. Transmission on this band by the operator, though, is a violation of the license terms by the licensee. This is exactly the kind of thing regulators are hoping SXM would deliver for them.”

SXM Advantages for Operators

  • Eliminate RF drive tests.
  • Prevent overbuilding network capacity with real-time competitive analysis.
  • Avoid lost business by responding to competitive threats as they emerge.
  • Identify how & where your competitors are sharing spectrum & infrastructure.
  • Identify & provide evidence of spectrum squatting.
  • Optimize base station deployments by modelling real-world propagation characteristics.
  • Make informed spectrum acquisitions by assessing the quality & utility of the spectrum.
  • Protect assets with proactive interference detection & location.
  • Access competitors’ current spectrum occupancy levels for pre-emptive spectrum acquisition strategies.

SXM Advantages for Regulators

  • Monitor licensees for compliance.
  • Improve interference hunting campaigns with up-to-date infrastructure map.
  • Identify unlicensed cellular transmitters.
  • Map spectrum utilization and capacity.
  • Optimize spectrum policy decisions based on real data about usage in any band and location.

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