AmpliTech Creates TGSS Division to Provide O-RAN Compliant Open Radio Units for 5G Networks

AmpliTech Creates TGSS Division to Provide O-RAN Compliant Open Radio Units for 5G Networks

AmpliTech Group, a designer, developer, and manufacturer of state-of-the-art signal-processing components for satellite, 5G, and other communications networks and a worldwide distributor of packages and lids for integrated circuit assembly, and designer of complete 5G/6G systems announced the formation of AmpliTech True G Speed Services (TGSS).

The AmpliTech Group TGSS division was formed to enable “true G speeds” by providing Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) compliant Open Radio Units (O-RUs), and complete system integration for telco customers, enabling ‘True G Speeds’ to the industry. The open radio units consist of the entire system that will transmit signals to intended targets (i.e.: a mobile device to a 5G base station).

TGSS will design and develop these 5G radios on base station towers and will serve them to optimize the 5G ORAN compliant interface for adapting 5G systems for customers in the telecom space. TGSS will manage the transition for carriers to integrate new 5G radios and commission them for ORAN 5G compliance, 5G planning, and optimization of networks and architecture. It will oversee the end-to-end development cycle of communication systems which consists of designing the system and rollout plan, performing site integration and verification testing, deploying the system, and monitoring performance optimization post-deployment.

For virtually all communication systems, in order to provide the target signal with high reliability and performance, the gain over temperature ratio (G/T) must be optimized. A higher G/T translates to lower data loss and higher signal fidelity, leading to less system downtime. Given that AmpliTech’s low noise amplifiers provide some of the lowest noise figures in the industry for 5G antennas and base stations, the system will yield up to a 28% higher G/T ratio with AmpliTech LNAs in the front end of the receiver. The “front-end” of a receiver is what determines 80% of the fidelity and quality of the system. This leads to a better quality of the overall receiver with greater coverage area, fewer dead zones, longer range, higher capacity, and faster speeds. This is the holy grail of future networks. TGSS will implement AmpliTech’s industry-leading Low Noise Amplifier devices in these systems to promote these optimal metrics.

The planning and optimization of the hardware interface with the software back-haul of existing Telco networks is a key part of the introduction of true 5G networks. This is referred to as O-RAN, or Open Radio Access Network. It is the standard that all Telcos are striving to better enable the new 5G architecture to be compatible with existing networks as this new infrastructure is rolled out. TGSS’ main function will be to plan and configure the 5G radios and make them O-RAN compliant.

Fawad Maqbool, Founder, and CEO of AmpliTech Group state “TGSS has always been a part of our vision for the AmpliTech brand. We see today that communication systems do not achieve the data transmission performance and reliability that 5G should deliver. AmpliTech Group has operated strategically over the past few years to produce the building blocks needed to provide high-quality RF components to enable unmatched signal quality in communication systems. Our existing units work to build the amplifiers and system components, and now TGSS will package these industry-leading solutions across 5G and eventually 6G, to leverage the expertise of our talented engineering team and offer a world-class solution that can be adopted by the customer directly.”

Maqbool continued, “Together with the combination of our industry-leading components, end-to-end servicing of the full system, and performance monitoring, we will reduce the integration burden customers have when implementing their systems while boosting performance and decreasing their overall cost of deployment and maintenance. We feel that this is an immensely compelling value add for our customers, and I am excited to take this step closer to realizing our mission of providing the communication systems of tomorrow, today.”

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