Creomagic Launches an Innovative Lightweight, High-Speed Broadband Wireless Mesh Radio

Creomagic Launches an Innovative Lightweight, High-Speed Broadband Wireless Mesh Radio

Creomagic, an Israel-based communications developer, has launched CreoCell, a miniature hybrid wireless device, incorporating a high-data-rate mesh radio and a cellular modem. Weighing 150 grams (~0.33 lb), the new radio provides mission-critical teams and autonomous platforms with robust, cost-effective “cloud of connectivity” based on both independent mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) and public cellular networks (LTE).

Cellular networks are the dominant technology for outdoor and mobile communications,” explained Creomagic CEO Alex Shapochnik, “However, as autonomous machines proliferate, performing more and more critical missions, cellular networks can not always ensure throughput, robustness and quality coverage, especially in peripheral areas. Cellular data transmission costs are another heavy burden on operators. CreoCell offers a gap-filler, serving as a cellular modem most of the time, but in case network fails, or operational costs make a mission economically infeasible, CreoCell switches to mesh radio offering excellent coverage in rough environments at zero operating cost.”

This is welcome news for emergency first responders who find their cellphones rendered useless as civilians overload networks during mass events. The radio backup also keeps security users operating if cellular facilities are disabled, hacked or sabotaged.

When cellular coverage is available, CreoCell supports both technologies simultaneously, splitting transmissions between them. In case cellular network is not available, in remote rural areas, at sea, or even underground, the mesh module provides the user with long-range and high throughput connectivity.

CreoCell is offered in three configurations: a miniature OEM (150 gram) radio, a ruggedized product for vehicles and marine platforms, and a personal handset for human operators.

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