Goodix Develops Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Tag Solution for the Apple "Find My Device" Ecosystem

Goodix Develops Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Tag Solution for the Apple

Goodix Technology, a leading IC design and solution provider, together with Tuya Smart has developed a Smart Tag solution that supports Apple's environment based on the GR551x series Bluetooth Low Energy SoC.

Featured with multi-connections, Goodix's GR551x SoC takes the lead in supporting Apple's "Find My", enabling object finding among various Apple devices through simple settings. It has excellent RF performance that allows the Smart Tag to search across long distances with a stable connection, and the ultra-low power consumption feature enables the Smart Tag to maintain a long battery life of more than 12 months. In addition, Goodix also provides a complete SDK that supports the development of Apple's "Find My" network accessory to accelerate customers' product development processes and time to market.

Goodix has been at the forefront of innovation in wireless connectivity technology. Its Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs have been widely applied to various smart devices such as smart watches/bands, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), active styluses, and gaming and office peripherals. According to the latest Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) report, the annual shipments of Bluetooth asset tracking devices are expected to reach 128 million in 2022 and increase fourfold in the next five years. In the burgeoning smart track market, Goodix teams up with Tuya to level up customers' products and provide the masses with the ultimate user experience by integrating its excellent products and services with Tuya's strong product development capabilities.

"Next, Tuya and Goodix will cooperate more extensively on smart homes, smart industries, smart fitness, and energy management based on our strengths," said Daisy Yang, Director of Smart Travel Solutions for Tuya.

Together with Tuya Smart, we are going to create easier and more efficient product development solutions for diversified intelligent applications, "said Mohy Abdelgany, General Manager of Connectivity BU from Goodix. "We will continuously leverage our wireless connectivity technologies to create more smart scenarios for the IoE (Internet of Everything) ecosystem." With that, we can empower various industries to develop innovative applications that bring global consumers a safer and more convenient life. "

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