Getelec Offers a Range of EMC-RFI Shielding Solutions for Industrial and Telecom Applications

Getelec Offers a Range of EMC-RFI Shielding Solutions for Industrial and Telecom Applications

Getelec, a leader in continuously developing innovative strategic product solutions for technical sealing, electromagnetic protection (EMC), microwave absorption and thermal dissipation, has developed a wide range of metal shielding products to eliminate electromagnetic interference within equipment or in plastic housings for electronic circuits such as computers and systems. These products include metal spirals, braids available with or without an elastomer core, metallized EMC fabrics and films, shielding covers, ventilation panels, and EMC shielded windows. It provides an economical solution that is suitable for all sectors of activity without severe chemical and environmental constraints.

Their ancillary product range consists of conductive silver or nickel-filled epoxy adhesives recommended for circuit repair or coating applications where conductivity is not critical. Getelec also provides filled paints, MS composite seals and PICSEAL sheets for all applications requiring resistance to hydraulic fluids in which metal wires are oriented to ensure the electrical connection between the two sides.

These metal shielding products are very cost-effective for all electromagnetic shielding applications and their respective problems, and are also particularly suitable for telecommunications, industrial electronics, transportation, and energy sectors.

The company offers these products either in standard or user customizable formats depending on the complexity of needs and application scenarios.

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