MatSing Uses C-Band Lens Antennas to Upgrade 5G Connectivity in Stadiums and Venues

MatSing Uses C-Band Lens Antennas to Upgrade 5G Connectivity in Stadiums and Venues

MatSing, a pioneer of high-capacity lens antennas, has outlined its strategy for adding C-Band antennas in stadiums and arenas. As venues and teams focus on delivering a superior 5G mobile experience, C-Band offers the optimal balance of network capacity and coverage to ensure fans stay connected during games and events. MatSing has streamlined the process keeping the customer and venue in mind.

“As venues look to upgrade to 5G, our patented lens antennas provide a rapid, simplified, and cost-effective transition to C-Band,” explained MatSing CEO Bo Larsson. “Venues are increasingly choosing to deploy MatSing’s high-capacity lens antenna over other antenna types, including traditional and under-the-seat antennas. Providing industry-leading capacity with the fewest antenna locations, our lens antennas are continually outperforming other antenna types. Supporting multiple frequencies and bands, while delivering the highest levels of sectorization, we are now elevating the fan’s connected experience by adding C-Band on the venue’s mobility network.”

Game-day typically provides a unique challenge of a high concentration of people downloading and sharing high-bandwidth videos and pictures. This leads to the performance of the mobile network taking center stage. C-Band, the newly auctioned 3.7 - 3.9 GHz spectrum, is now being actively deployed outdoors and indoors, including in high-capacity stadiums and arenas. With approximately 100 sports & entertainment venues leveraging MatSing lens antennas to deliver mobile connectivity today, and several venues in various stages of planning and deployment, the transition to C-Band will be quicker, smoother, and cheaper for MatSing customers.

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