Mercury Introduces Rugged Data Storage System for Aerospace, Defense & Commercial Edge Applications

Mercury Introduces Rugged Data Storage System for Aerospace, Defense & Commercial Edge Applications

Mercury Systems, a leader in trusted, secure mission-critical technologies for aerospace and defense, has developed a new Rugged Data Storage (RDS) system. The data center-class, all-flash network-attached storage (NAS) system is ruggedized for mission-critical aerospace, defense, and commercial edge applications and is designed for low latency, scalability, and security. Developed in collaboration with VAST Data Federal, RDS changes the paradigm for enterprise storage with a universal, single-tier flash cloud for all types of data that eliminates bottlenecks and complex layered storage traditionally done with hard disk drives and other media.

The proliferation of sensors like radar and image capture has resulted in an explosion of data that is difficult to store, access, or analyze in real-time on conventional hard disks or flash drives. RDS’s universal data storage approach enables fast, secure access to big data and AI and machine learning-powered exploitation at the edge, so users can make critical decisions quickly.

RDS utilizes commercial flash technology coupled with unique software algorithms from VAST Data to extend write endurance to 10+ years, as well as reduce disk space requirements via innovative data reduction and compression capabilities that lower the total cost of ownership for Mercury customers. Optimized for size, weight, and power-constrained rugged environments such as aircraft, ships, ground radar stations, and industrial applications, Mercury’s RDS system improves performance, ease of serviceability, and data protection at the edge.

“Our new Rugged Data Storage system is purpose-built for mission-critical, extended operational environments,” said Dusty Kramer, Vice President, Mercury Edge. “This is the first ruggedized solution that puts scalable, multi-petabyte, all-flash data storage next to the data source for edge-based, real-time applications like advanced threat detection and sensor fusion, demonstrating our commitment to putting cutting-edge innovation in the hands of our customers.”

“We’re excited to extend our revolutionary Universal Storage software to Mercury’s innovative RDS system to allow military and aerospace users access to all their data at any time for real-time, mission-critical decisions,” said Randy Hayes, Vice President, Public Sector of VAST Data Federal. “These all-flash, network-attached storage solutions are a testament to our deep collaboration with Mercury and commitment to placing software at the heart of modern data infrastructure.”

Multi-Petabyte All-Flash Network-Attached Storage at the Edge

  • Universal, single-tier flash cloud for all types of data with high-speed NVMe performance to eliminate bottlenecks and complex storage tiering
  • DPU network acceleration, storage class memory, affordable hyper-scale flash technology and VAST DATA software algorithms for fast access to big data, AI and ML insights over high-speed Ethernet
  • More short-depth storage boxes (D-BOX), compute boxes (C-BOX) and/or network switch boxes can infinitely scale performance or storage capacity
  • MIL-STD-810 ruggedization and integrated FIPS 140-2 security

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