Renesas Using IQSTAR Software from AMCAD Engineering for Power Amplifier Characterization

Renesas Using IQSTAR Software from AMCAD Engineering for Power Amplifier Characterization

AMCAD Engineering, an innovative company that specializes in the development of software and hardware solutions for testing, modeling and simulating radio frequency electronic circuits, has added Renesas to their IQSTAR customer list. The Renesas development team is using IQSTAR for Power amplifier characterization to tune and characterize their circuits using modulated signals and ensuring a high level of accuracy. With IQSTAR, Renesas will leverage their lab capabilities to accelerate and facilitate their Design Validation Testing process, and AMCAD is particularly proud to help them reach this goal.

IQSTAR is a software that lets the user take control of the hardware asset and can run like a state-of-the-measurement unit. It allows for standardization of amplifier benches' efficiency across different instruments and setups. This software offers a turn-key solution for characterizing various RF and Microwave components and circuits and provides high degree of customization with flexible setup schematic.

The software does not require the user to have programming skills as a pre-requisite and can be used directly to achieve the desired goals. It integrates several features to test and characterize amplifiers such as scalar bench control for 1-tone measurements, vector bench add-on for measuring S-parameters, modulated signal control and measurements, and IQ data control and measurements. The noise-related measurement tools that are available include fast spurious detection, constant VSWR control, and intermodulation distortion (IMD) control. It also includes other sophisticated features such as scripting, visualization tool, advanced waveform generator, and others.

“IQSTAR, a measurement related software from AMCAD Engineering is a true business partner which accelerates characterization and measurements of RF power amplifiers for different power and frequency levels as per 5G standards.  The modular form of software allows efficient and reliable measurements thereby helping in development of state of art products.” said Dr. Tushar Sharma, Senior RF Design Engineer at Renesas Electronics.

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