Vaunix's Lab Brick Software Provides an Easy Way to Control & Configure its Devices

Vaunix's Lab Brick Software Provides an Easy Way to Control & Configure its Devices

The Lab Brick product line is an innovative line of modular phase shifters, attenuators, signal generators and power dividers developed by Vaunix. To support these modular devices, Vaunix developed a simple and effective software that provides an easy way to control, configure & run various functions using these devices.

Once a Lab Brick Device (Signal generators, phase shifters, attenuators, or switches) is connected, the software immediately identifies it, loads the parameters (attenuation, phase, power, modulation type, etc.) stored in the device (or devices), and lets one change the settings on the go to see what effect they have on the device under test.

All the devices have a USB port through which they can be connected and controlled from a computer. Multiple devices can be connected and controlled simultaneously. The software makes it easy to switch between them, increase or reduce values, configure test sequences including all key parameters, and much more. 

The Lab Bricks use a native USB HID interface to avoid the difficulties inherent in using older serial or IEEE-488 interfaces implemented over USB. As a result, Lab Brick users can get to work faster without installing kernel-level drivers, and Lab Brick devices can be easily used on any system that supports USB HID devices, including low-cost embedded computers using Linux or similar operating systems.

Lab Brick devices come with an easy-to-use graphical control program for Microsoft Windows systems which can be installed without administrative privileges. The control program provides a virtual front panel for the Lab Brick so you can get to work right away.

For Microsoft Windows users the Lab Brick support software includes 32-bit and 64-bit DLLs that provide an easy-to-use but comprehensive API for controlling the Lab Brick devices. The DLLs are designed so that their API functions can be called from traditional Windows applications, .net applications, and a variety of popular programming environments including C#, C++, Visual Basic, Python, TcL, LabVIEW, and MATLAB. We provide example code and comprehensive support so that you can get your Lab Brick working in your test or research environment.

For Linux users the Lab Brick support software includes a simple open-source library that has very similar functionality to the Microsoft Windows DLLs, allowing applications to be easily ported between Linux and Windows environments. The Linux-based Lab Brick support software can be used on both desktop computers and low-cost embedded computers like the Raspberry Pi. Example command line applications and Python extensions are available to simplify Linux-based development.

Regardless of whether one is developing in Python on a compact embedded system or creating a complex computer-controlled test stand, Vaunix has developed the software that one needs to use the Lab Brick devices quickly and efficiently.

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