Guerrilla RF Starts Production of Digital Step Attenuator Based on Rapid Fire Technology

Guerrilla RF Starts Production of Digital Step Attenuator Based on Rapid Fire Technology

Guerrilla RF, Inc. has started production of its new GRF6402 digital step attenuator (DSA). After sampling and receiving positive validation from its strategic customer base, the company is ready to move forward with mass producing its first silicon on insulator (SOI) product – a major milestone for Guerrilla RF (GRF) as it marks the expansion of its existing portfolio to now include state-of-the-art silicon from one of the industry’s premier semiconductor foundries.

“We are excited to be moving our first SOI device into production. This marks an important milestone for Guerrilla RF as we launch an entirely new product line and technology platform,” said Ryan Pratt, Founder and CEO of Guerrilla RF. “This industry-leading SOI technology enables us to expand Guerrilla RF’s catalog to include switches, step attenuators, variable gain amplifiers, cores with complex bias control, and other similar products. We believe these new products will be key to driving accelerated growth in strategic markets like automotive telematics and 5G communications.”

“The GRF6402 is a prime example of how GRF utilized SOI to address the special needs of its customer base,” said Jim Ahne, Vice President of Automotive and 5G Products. “Our Marketing, Sales, and Engineering teams collaborated directly with select customers to define and design a drop-in compatible DSA with a novel twist on the device’s serial controller. We believe that our new Rapid Fire control scheme will lead to significant cost and performance enhancements for many TDD and fast-attack applications that require quick state toggling.”

By employing the Rapid Fire feature, the GRF6402 will reduce overall component count, directly leading to savings in footprint, and ultimately cost. This continued dedication to making parts that will be a value add for customers is all part of Guerilla RF’s business credo of Making Better Networks.

Samples and evaluation boards are available now for the GRF6402.

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