Galtronics Introduces Multibeam Antennas from 700 MHz to 4 GHz for High Traffic Conditions

Galtronics Introduces Multibeam Antennas from 700 MHz to 4 GHz for High Traffic Conditions

Galtronics has expanded its Multibeam antenna portfolio with the addition of three new products. With significant US tier one service provider multibeam deployments over the past 18 months, Galtronics has proven its multibeam technology overcomes the legacy beam squint issues, which has been a prevalent problem preventing widespread adoption of other multibeam antenna solutions.

The new products, GP6436-07695, GP6548-07642 and GP3324-07769, all use Galtronic’s patent pending UL/DL beam-tracking stability technology and are intended for stadium/venue/special events and base station antenna applications. The Galtronics Multibeam portfolio offers superior performance to legacy panel-based multibeam antennas and as a result, allows deployment in use cases where lens-based solutions were once the only option.

The new antennas support 4x4 MIMO for each beam, as well as support good intrabeam and interbeam isolation. In addition, both the GP6436-07695 and GP6548-07642 antennas are dual-band and feature Galtronic’s patent pending ruggedized antenna enclosures that provide added protection during the installation and re-installation processes, as typically seen in temporary multibeam deployments. The new multibeam line also provides sectorization capability for carriers to add radio density over a variety of spectrum, ranging from 700 MHz to 4 GHz.

“Multibeam antennas can be deployed for a variety of use cases covering high traffic conditions. Our service provider customers have deployed them at challenging locations like major international airports and high-capacity outdoor venues where the density of customer traffic needs a quality wireless solution. Customers have also deployed them on cell on wheels (COWs) and cell on light truck (COLTs) to cover the traffic density at large concerts and seasonal events,” said Minya Gavrilovic, President & CTO at Galtronics. “Not only have we expanded our multibeam antenna portfolio to continue to solve a major problem with existing multibeam panel antennas, we are providing service providers deployment alternatives to expensive lens-based solutions.”

Galtronics solves the world’s most complex connectivity challenges with its custom wireless antenna solutions from concept and design to production and delivery of products for the world’s leading wireless service providers as well as device OEMs. Galtronics continues to advance wireless connectivity by innovating across its DAS, Small Cell, and Macro Antenna, Home Networking, and Mobile device antenna product and solution offerings.

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