Optical Zonu Updates its Software to Allow Remote Control of its RF-over-Fiber Antenna Outdoor Unit

Optical Zonu Updates its Software to Allow Remote Control of its RF-over-Fiber Antenna Outdoor Unit

Optical Zonu, a privately owned, Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturer of Fiber Optic Components, has recently updated its Managed RFoF™ (RF-over-Fiber) user interface to control various parameters of its antenna outdoor unit. In addition to the static and dynamic read-only values (e.g., internal temperature), there are several options that the user can configure remotely if an Ethernet over fiber datalink is in place between the IDU and ODU. The Ethernet datalink may be multiplexed onto the same fiber as the RF uplinks and downlinks.

RFoF is a technology that enables signals to be transported between point-to-point and point-to-multipoint with optical multiplexing and/or RF multiplexing. Managed RFoF (RF over Fiber) is the suite of tools and applications that may be used to monitor and control local and geographically dispersed analog signal transport systems. Monitoring management and commissioning of RFoF links are dramatically simplified with this unified management approach that enable full mix and match components to work together.

The figure below represents typical Managed RFoF eFiberSat ODU transmitter (first) and receiver (second) subslot information windows that are accessed remotely.

Fiber transmitters in both the IDU (uplink) and ODU (downlink) may be individually enabled and disabled remotely. In addition, fiber transmitters in the ODU have remotely configurable Bias-Ts to supply LNB power and control. LNB powering/signaling options include OFF, 13V, 13.33V, 13.66V, 14V, 18.15V, 18.48V, 18.82V. A 22 kHz tone may be Enabled or Disabled.

Fiber receivers in both the IDU (downlink) and ODU (uplink) may have received optical power upper and lower alarm limits set remotely. Alarm limits are set to 50% below and 50% above the value entered into the text box.

eFiberSAT is just one of the Optical Zonu subsystems that can be managed within the Managed RFoF™ ecosystem.

Click here to learn more about the Managed RFoF™ user interface.

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