Quantic Wenzel Develops Low-Noise Frequency Sources up to 16 GHz

Quantic Wenzel Develops Low-Noise Frequency Sources up to 16 GHz

Quantic Wenzel, a leading manufacturer of ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators, custom integrated microwave assemblies and synthesizers, has developed a series of card assemblies in several standard form factors (OpenVPX, VME, VXI, etc.) as well as custom configurations to provide one or multiple low-noise frequencies up to 16 GHz.

Each card assembly consists of one or more industry-leading Ultra Low Noise Ovenized Crystal oscillators, Blue Tops RF Modules, and other hardware mounted or integrated on a card assembly to provide a high performance frequency source with unparalleled phase noise performance. These card assemblies can be plugged into the respective backplane platform and are suitable for use as a low-noise frequency source or clocking signal as a key element in a system. Custom card assemblies are available with a short development time and low cost.

One of the card assemblies offered is the 3U OpenVPX option. Developed to meet VITA 67 technology standards, the 3U OpenVPX is SOSA aligned and environmentally sealed for exceptional phase noise performance. The 3U OpenVPX features low-g sensitivity and has a fixed frequency range of 100 MHz to 3 GHz.

Key Features of the 3U OpenVPX Option

  • OpenVPX Compliant
  • SOSA Aligned
  • VITA 67.X
  • VXO VIBRATION Isolation
  • 3U x 0.85′′ Pitch

These card assembly-based frequency sources can be used in military, airborne, ground, shipboard, RADAR Systems, Tactical Fast Switching Radios, Vehicular Communication, and as a reference source.

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