ADRF Launches C-band DAS Solution and Repeater to Enable Ubiquitous 5G Coverage

ADRF Launches C-band DAS Solution and Repeater to Enable Ubiquitous 5G Coverage

Advanced RF Technologies, one of the largest pure-play distributed antenna systems (DAS) and repeater providers, has announced the launch of its new ADXV DAS C-band solution and the SDRX C-band repeater. The solutions allow mobile carriers, building owners, system integrators, and neutral hosts to bring ubiquitous 5G coverage for buildings and venues of every size.

The ADXV DAS C-band modules include mid-power remote (MPR) and high-power remote (HPR) options supporting C-band frequencies ranging from 3.7 GHz to 3.98 GHz. It can be deployed standalone or added seamlessly to an existing ADXV DAS chassis for an easy upgrade path from 4G/LTE systems.

The new SDRX C-band repeater supports frequency ranges from 3.7 GHz to 3.98 GHz and can be mounted on a rooftop, sidewall, or pole to bring 5G coverage for small to medium size buildings in busy metropolitan areas as well as highways or isolated rural areas.

The ADXV DAS C-band solution features include:

  • Supports power-sharing of multiple carriers' signals via configurable grouped POI units
  • Supports 600MHz, 700MHz + Band14, Cellular + SMR800, SMR900 + Paging, PCS, AWS, WCS, BRS (TD-LTE/5GNR and FDD-LTE) and C-Band (TDD)
  • Daisy-chain and monitor up to 15 Head Ends with an Ethernet hub
  • Web-based GUI and connectivity via DHCP (in host mode) 
  • Supports dry contact alarming
  • Both AC and DC power supply options are available
  • SMB (snap-on) interconnections for quick installation

The SDRX C-band repeater features include:

  • Standalone repeater with 2x2 MIMO capability (requires 2 units to support 4x4)
  • 5G NR support with two 60~100MHz channel filters
  • 85 dB system gain for maximal coverage distance
  • 36/36 dBm of composite DL/UL maximum output power
  • IP66 rating and passive cooling for outdoor applications
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use web-based GUI
  • Support for external wireless modem for remote control and alarming

"We are excited to launch our new suite of C-band solutions to help partners and customers usher in a new era of 5G connectivity," said Julie Song, CEO of ADRF. "C-band is vital to the continued success of 5G networks for all carriers, and our solutions can be deployed with ease due to the modularity of our ADXV DAS and configurable repeater that can support a wide range of networking environments."

ADRF will debut the ADXV DAS C-band modules and passives, as well as the SDRX C-band repeater at their booth during Mobile World Congress (MWC) Las Vegas from September 28-30th, 2022.

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