OneWeb and Kymeta Bring LEO Connectivity Service to Superyachts

OneWeb and Kymeta Bring LEO Connectivity Service to Superyachts

OneWeb and Kymeta, a leading company for flat panel antennas, introduced their low Earth orbit (LEO) connectivity and antenna combination specifically designed for superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show. The antenna solution will start service from March 2023. The companies completed their pilot tests for the superyacht market in August and experienced speeds of 200 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload, providing the ultimate LEO connectivity service for superyachts owners and guests.

OneWeb successfully tested its LEO connectivity with two Kymeta antennas at sea off the coast of Monaco at the end of August. The pilot tests demonstrated high-speed connectivity with speeds up to 200 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload to enable voice calls, streaming, and video gaming with continuous, seamless coverage. OneWeb’s global and mid-ocean connectivity removes the need to choose regional options or worry about changing the service depending on the charter routes.

Alongside a ubiquitous connectivity experience at sea, other important considerations for superyacht owners include privacy, security, navigation, real-time maintenance, and regulatory compliance, all of which require high-speed (greater than 50 Mbps) and low-latency (100 milliseconds or lower) connectivity. OneWeb’s LEO connectivity now means that online gaming platforms, accessing the Cloud, streaming movies and never missing an important game can be added to the work and entertainment options on-board. 

As an enterprise-grade connectivity provider, OneWeb’s LEO connectivity also provides enhanced cyber security with end to-end-encryption. OneWeb’s service ensures that a superyacht Captain and Electrical Technical Officer can be confident in a resilient, secure connectivity experience for owners and guests. 

Design onboard is key and the antenna needed for this high-speed connectivity does not need to be bulky. Kymeta’s unique high-bandwidth, low-power, fully-integrated flat panel antenna offers an exciting new choice for yacht owners. The recent pilot test also showed that the Kymeta terminals can be installed onboard within hours, not days, with just two people and no need for cranes or specialist installation equipment.

OneWeb services will be available through OneWeb’s certified yachting partners, who are experts in the LEO connectivity ecosystem, and will support Captains in offering a real home from home connectivity experience - reliable, efficient and resilient no matter where they are at sea.  OneWeb will launch its superyacht service together with Kymeta’s u8-based LEO terminal with first deliveries starting in early 2023.

Carole Plessy, VP Maritime and Europe at OneWeb, said: “Superyacht owners immediately understand that greater connectivity and technology improves both the safety, comfort and luxury onboard. OneWeb offers terrestrial grade connectivity from Space so that owners and guests can connect anywhere at sea as easily and seamlessly as you would at home. We are excited to talk to yacht owners and Captains about our LEO connectivity for superyachts at Monaco Yacht Show for the first time."

The superyacht tests are part of OneWeb and Kymeta’s joint commitment to develop and bring to market by early 2023 a unique dual u8-based LEO terminal offering that is especially suited for application onboard superyachts because of its easy installation and low profile design.

Neville Meijers, EVP, Chief Strategy, Product and Marketing Officer at Kymeta, said: “We are hugely excited that the recent tests represent our first superyacht maritime trial. It’s an exciting new step forward for high-speed connectivity. By testing and launching a game-changing LEO connectivity service for superyachts, we are delivering on our promise to give customers, including superyacht owners, unprecedented access to connectivity in areas where existing networks don’t reach.”

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