Insight VNA Calibration and Measurement Software Streamlines VNA Use in Labs

Insight VNA Calibration and Measurement Software Streamlines VNA Use in Labs

Maury Microwave, a certified company for design, manufacturing and servicing of microwave-based measuring and testing equipment, has released the Insight Calibration and Measurement Software. It is the industry’s first commercial software suite designed to empower VNA users and help them make better decisions. Insight represents a paradigm shift in the way users approach VNA calibration, validation, measurement, visualization and analysis.

Insight unifies the VNA experience by acting as the interface between the user and the VNA regardless of the manufacturer or age of the instrument. This software provides a standardized modern interface that allows users to move between VNA models interchangeably without worrying about differences in terminology compatibility or capabilities.

Insight enables users to:

  • Use a single software platform with most commercial VNAs
  • Define mechanical calibration standards from any vendor and use with all VNAs
  • Avoid common errors with a simplified calibration process empowered by an intuitive GUI and wizard
  • Validate VNA calibration using airlines and individually characterized verification kits
  • Measure S-parameters and save S2P files for easy sharing
  • Understand measurement results better with advanced visualization and analysis tools
  • Identify and quantify the individual contributions of uncertainty
  • Display uncertainty boundaries alongside measurement results

Insight wizard guides users through 4 simple steps: Configure, Calibrate, Validate and Measure. Users can take live measurements of their DUTs while looking at the uncertainties of that measurement. The visualization and data analysis tool empowers users to visualize and analyze measurement data by creating, saving and sharing visualization templates or use a quick plot to ensure consistent and repeatable measurement analysis.

Maury Microwave has partnered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) to empower Insight with Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) measurement uncertainties. Insight makes use of METAS’ VNA Tools Real Time Interface (RTI) and its evaluation of measurement uncertainty in accordance with the guidance provided by the GUM documents and the EURAMET VNA calibration guide.

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