Analog Devices to Demonstrate Solutions for System Integrators at 2022 AOC

Analog Devices to Demonstrate Solutions for System Integrators at 2022 AOC

Analog Devices, a developer of innovative RF/microwave and high-speed-digital integrated circuits (ICs) and integrated electronic design solutions, will be present at the 59th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention on October 25-27, 2022, in Washington, DC to share electronic design experience and expertise on the development of receivers, transmitters, data converters, and other subsystem necessities for advanced and efficient electronic defense systems.

Analog Devices will offer demonstrations of some of its latest solutions for A&D and military electronics system designers at Booth #131. On-site demonstrations will be conducted by experts in software defined radios (SDRs), wideband digitizers, multichannel radar platforms, and high-frequency/high-speed data converters. One demonstration, for example, will allow developers of EW and instrumentation systems to evaluate the performance of 2-to-24-GHz integrated wideband receiver and transmitter reference design. It reduces SWaP through a simplified architecture based on the latest RF/microwave and mixed-signal ICs. The reference design respects the production line through its straightforward assembly with ease of assembly and testing.

Another demonstration will synchronize multiple high-speed data converters and a model ADF4377 low-jitter microwave frequency synthesizer to form a direct RF sampling multichannel radar receiver platform. The compact and power-efficient radar platform includes a receiver which incorporates analog-to-digital (A/D) converters that can directly digitize radar signals to simplify further signal processing. Additional demonstrations being presented at the Analog Devices’ AOC booth include an ”RF-to-bits” wideband 2-to-18-GHz transceiver system with 1-GHz-wide intermediate frequency (IF) band centered at 4.5 GHz and the latest generation of an SDR which can operate on its own or under software control with a personal computer (PC) for automated use.

Each demonstration will highlight high performance and dense functionality packed onto circuit assemblies designed for the tightest space allotments imaginable. The demonstrations will be backed by professional engineers from Analog Devices each with years of experience and a desire to help AOC attendees solve system-level problems with the smallest, most highly integrated solutions possible.

AOC events have long been convenient and trusted meeting places for defense system designers. As international events, attendees can share thoughts with NATO and EU colleagues. The AOC is fueled by more than 14,000 members around the world, sharing interests in EW, radar, electromagnetic (EM) spectrum management (such as military use of 5G), cyber-EM activities (CEMA), and information operations (IO). The 59th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention is scheduled for the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. It provides attendees with opportunities to attend a strong, practical technical conference and walk a balanced show floor with diversified exhibitors, including Analog Devices.

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