Roos Instruments Launches Single Slot Receiver from 100 kHz to 24 GHz

Roos Instruments Launches Single Slot Receiver from 100 kHz to 24 GHz

Roos Instruments has introduced a vector-based frequency domain receiver with an integrated ultra-low phase noise fast switching Local Oscillator (LO) that is tunable from 25 MHz to 24 GHz with 1 Hz resolution in a single Test Instrument Module (TIM) slot. The RI8596 is a microwave receiver that can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as part of RI's System RF (SyRf) Core technology, as it has multiple RF ports to support seamless system integration with Cassini's signal sources and test set TIMs.

This base band I/Q receiver uses precision vector-calibration and performs error corrected VNA measurements to cover any of the 5G and 6G frequency ranges as well as applications up to 110 GHz. Designed as a high volume production test tool, the RI8596 features high linearity mixers, a selectable analog filter bank and up to 5 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth with signal detection down to >-100 dBm. Behind the dual high-speed ADCs is an embedded custom FPGA with real-time baseband DSP for vector/spectral analysis, additional digital filtering, demodulation and user specified signal processing.

Roos Instruments, has been providing precision high speed analog/mixed signal/RF and mmWave ATE systems for over 30 years. The future-proof Cassini line of ATE systems have been shipping since 2007 and incorporate a fully configurable TIM based modular architecture that can meet the needs of any IC, wafer or module test requirement. Cassini provides the end user maximum performance at a low cost of test, while providing the industry's fastest test times.

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