Aviat Introduces Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band Solution to Upgrade Legacy Microwave Links

Aviat Introduces Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band Solution to Upgrade Legacy Microwave Links

Aviat Networks, a leading expert in wireless transport solutions, announced the release of a Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band solution, that enables operators to easily upgrade the capacity of an existing installed licensed microwave link up to 10 Gbit/s. Aviat's Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band, or MB-VA, enables operators with deployments of legacy microwave from any vendor to cost-effectively deploy significant additional network capacity to support demands of advanced LTE and 5G buildouts.

MB-VA is an overlay of a high-capacity Aviat WTM 4800 E-Band or Multi-band link alongside the existing legacy microwave system, with support for seamless aggregation and load balancing of traffic from each link onto a single 10 GE interface. High availability traffic carried on the microwave link is preserved, with hitless operation in a Multi-Band configuration.

 Aviat's MB-VA provides a superior and more comprehensive solution:

  • The patented Layer 1 Link Aggregation (L1LA) algorithm ensures maximum efficiency and the highest possible throughput;
  • Single or dual-channel E-Band overlay enables extended distance Multi-Band links up to 20km; and
  • Multi-Band link overlay adds up to two additional microwave channels plus one E-Band channel, all in one box.

"Many operators have extensive investments in legacy microwave backhaul networks that have limited capacity expansion capability," said Peter Smith, CEO of Aviat Networks. "Now, using Aviat's unique MB-VA solution, these operators can leverage their historical investment rather than employing expensive fibre replacements."

Operators seeking an overlay solution to increase their network capacity can turn to Aviat's proven supply chain for timely deliveries. Aviat's MB-VA software ships in October and is available to order now.

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