Guerrilla RF Announces Eight New RFIC Design Wins Across its Broad Product Portfolio

Guerrilla RF Announces Eight New RFIC Design Wins Across its Broad Product Portfolio

Guerrilla RF, a fabless semiconductor company that provides high performance Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) for the wireless infrastructure market, announced that it has confirmed eight new design wins with a strategic customer. The company believes the eight design wins will generate an aggregated peak volume of 30 million units per year during the life of the program, which is expected to be a minimum of five years. Deliveries from this announcement are scheduled to begin in the first half of 2023 and grow in annual volume through the products’ run.

“We are pleased to have these important design wins confirmed,” said Ryan Pratt, CEO and Founder of Guerrilla RF. “This announcement acknowledges the importance of our recently released DSA product as well as the broad portfolio of products we have created to meet the performance needs of our clients.”

Guerrilla RF is a fabless semiconductor that was founded in 2013 and based in Greensboro, NC. The company develops and manufactures high-performance microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) for wireless OEMs in multiple market segments – including 5G/4G macro and small cell base stations, cellular repeaters/DAS, automotive telematics such as SDARS/V2X/GPS/DAB, military communications, navigation, and high-fidelity wireless audio. 

Guerrilla RF has an extensive portfolio of over 100 high-performance radio frequency (RF) and microwave semiconductor devices. The existing product line includes ultra-low noise amplifiers, gain blocks, driver amplifiers, mixers, RF switches, digital step attenuators (DSAs), and linear power amplifiers (PAs) – the critical building blocks for mission-critical, performance-driven wireless applications.

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