Sinclair Technologies Introduces New 14-Port Multi-Band Small Cell Antenna

Sinclair Technologies Introduces New 14-Port Multi-Band Small Cell Antenna

Sinclair Technologies has launched the first model of the new SSOP1 Series of 14-port Small Cell Antennas with multi-band support, including low-band, mid-band, CBRS and LAA.

This high-performance antenna was designed specifically for various types of applications, offering long life and reliability with a range of options suitable for any project. With its UV-resistant fiberglass radome and durable build, SSOP1 thrives in weather prone to harsh elements. Sinclair's small cell antenna is ideal for MIMO applications, providing outstanding 360° coverage and high-speed capacity. Its compact size allows for easy installation and fast deployment, while extensive customizations from port counts, frequency bands to tilts and radiation patterns, offer flexibility in coverage solutions.

Key features include: 

  • Up to 14 ports quasi-omni small cell antenna, with future models accommodating up to 20 ports
  • Multiband support based on customizations: 696-960, 1695-2700, 3300-4200 & 5150-5925 MHz
  • Compact form factor for pole mount or integrated application
  • Outstanding performance with optimal gain and <-153 dBc PIM rating 
  • Ideal for multi-carrier and MIMO deployment 
  • Rugged build for long life and reliability

"As the industry gears up for 5G deployments, Sinclair is excited to announce the launch of the SSOP family of small cell antennas. These antennas are highly customizable to support various frequency bands, port counts, down tilts, and radiation patterns to enable reliable wireless coverage. They also feature high-quality compact UV-resistant fiberglass radomes to help operators overcome cell densification and network reliability challenges," says Wee Er, Executive General Manager at Sinclair Technologies.

Click here to learn more about the SSOP1-G144B1F0AB, 14-port Small Cell Antenna.

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