DVTEST and MPI Thermal Collaborate to Provide RF Thermal Test Solutions

DVTEST and MPI Thermal Collaborate to Provide RF Thermal Test Solutions

DVTEST and MPI Thermal are working together to offer a next generation thermal RF test solution. This thermal RF test solution will pairs the evolutionary ThermalAir localized temperature air stream system with an advanced shielded enclosure to offer a precise test environment over a broad range of temperatures.

Using the TA5000B from ThermalAir series of temperature test systems from MPI Thermal brings precise thermal capability directly to the test application. In the engineering lab or on the production test floor, the ThermalAir temperature test systems provide flexible test solutions for an array of products and technologies.

The dbSAFE TSE (Thermal Shielded Enclosures) series from DVTEST are fully compatible with all ThermalAir systems. Utilizing double walled shielding, waveguide air entry technology and advanced RF materials, the dbSAFE TSE ensures isolation performance will not be impacted over a wide range of operating temperatures. Dual cavity TSE models allow shielding of peripheral measurement equipment without exposing it to temperature extremes.

For larger sized RF test environments, DVTEST now offers “mirco thermal” environments. Ensuring that the temperature stays focused on your UUT and not the associated test equipment keeping items such as antennas, positioners, and cabling at a stable temperature for more accurate results.

According to Tony Tirelli, VP of DVTEST, “Our close partnership with MPI has allowed us to advance our technology to suit the emerging needs of the industry.” He goes on to explain, “We have been building RF and Thermal enclosures for years, it is fitting that we merge the two technologies together.”

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