Guerrilla RF Starts Sampling its Second Series of Digital Step Attenuators Based on Rapid Fire™ Technology

Guerrilla RF Starts Sampling its Second Series of Digital Step Attenuators Based on Rapid Fire™ Technology

Guerrilla RF has announced that it is now sampling the GRF6403, the second of a new series of 0.25 dB step DSAs (Digital Step Attenuators) being developed by the company. These attenuators utilize a state-of-the-art SOI (silicon-on-insulator) process which is now being leveraged for many of the company’s new signal chain offerings.

“The GRF6403 represents the next phase of the company’s expansion into products that complement our leading portfolio of amplifier cores,” says Ryan Pratt, CEO and founder of Guerrilla RF. “This latest DSA leverages the same key technology found within its sister part, the GRF6402. By adding a parallel interface to the DSA core, we can quickly expand into yet another segment of the infrastructure market. The fact that the GRF6403 is drop-in compatible with several competitive offerings bodes well for the device’s ability to quickly generate sales for the company. We expect that the DSA’s novel Rapid Fire feature will make the part a compelling choice over its competitive counterparts.”

As a 7-bit, 31.75 dB range device, the GRF6403 supports three unique programming modes, including serial, direct parallel, and latched parallel. The GRF6403 also includes a unique Rapid Fire mode which allows the device to be immediately switched into a secondary pre-defined attenuation state – thus circumventing the delays associated with a typical SPI programming transaction. This feature is an enabler for fast-switching TDD applications since a single DSA can now be used for TX and RX modes. The Rapid Fire feature can also enable ‘fast attack’ signal chain protection schemes where it becomes imperative to quickly switch in additional attenuation as quickly as possible.

In terms of performance, the GRF6403 can cover the entire 50 MHz to 6 GHz range while maintaining precise and monotonic gain stepping. Glitching has been minimized to < 2 dB for all steps. The device delivers up to 30 dBm of IP0.1dB, 60 dBm of IIP3, and a low IL (Insertion Loss) of 1.3 dB at 2 GHz.

The GRF6403 is available in a 4 mm x 4 mm, 24-pin QFN package, and it adheres to a de facto standard footprint followed by many competitive alternatives. Samples and evaluation boards are available now. 

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