Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Menlo Micro to Deliver Ideal Switch Products

Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Menlo Micro to Deliver Ideal Switch Products

Mouser Electronics, the New Product Introduction (NPI) leader™ empowering innovation, announced a new distribution agreement with Menlo Micro, a manufacturer responsible for creating an entirely new category of electronic switches for RF, microwave, millimeter wave, AC/DC power solutions and much more. With this agreement, Mouser is now stocking Menlo Micro Ideal Switch® products.

The Menlo Micro Ideal Switch delivers the benefits of both an electromechanical relay and a semiconductor switch with no compromises. The tiny, fast, and reliable MEMS-based switching devices withstand extreme temperatures, boast ultra-low losses and can handle thousands of watts. Plus, they can be manufactured at scale with conventional semiconductor equipment. The Ideal Switch can be used for test and measurement, medical, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, smart switches and plugs, Mil-Aero, Internet of Things (IoT), computing, switch matrix, wireless infrastructure, 5G networks and many more applications.

The Menlo Micro product line now available from Mouser includes the following:

The MM5600 is a double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) differential switch, that can operate up to 40 Gbps for digital signaling applications or high-performance RF applications up to 20 GHz. The device also offers two separate single-ended ports and a considerable 90% reduction in size when compared with comparable electromechanical relay solutions.

The MM5120 is a DC – 18 GHz single-pole, four-throw (SP4T) switch, that offers ultra-low insertion loss, greater than 25 W power handling at 6.0 GHz, and the highest linearity in the industry. The MM5120 integrates a high-voltage charge pump into a miniature 5.2 mm × 4.2 mm LGA package, eliminating the need for external components and simplifying design layouts.

The Menlo Micro MM5130 is a high-power SP4T RF switch provides ultra-low insertion loss and superior linearity as an SP4T from DC to 18 GHz, and greater than 3 billion switching cycles. The switch can also be configured in Super-Port mode, which extends the frequency operation to 26 GHz.

Menlo Micro’s MM5140 is a high-power, DC – 6 GHz RF SP4T switch that integrates a charge pump/driver circuit with flexible SPI and GPIO interface controls. The MM5140 performs with low loss while maintaining an ultra-high level of input IP3 performance over wide temperature ranges, with an operating lifetime of greater than 3 billion switching cycles. The MM5140 is an ideal solution for replacing large RF electromechanical relays, as well as RF/microwave solid-state switches in applications where high reliability and overall performance are critical parameters.

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