Spinner Introduces Low PIM Spring-Mounted Push-Pull RF Adapters

Spinner Introduces Low PIM Spring-Mounted Push-Pull RF Adapters

The SPINNER Group, a company that has been developing RF technology products for over 70 years, has introduced EasyDock, a low PIM, test and measurement adapter for radio frequency device testing. It is designed to enable test automation of RF devices and equipment, saves testing time, and costs.

EasyDock adaptors are equipped with s spring which means that they automatically adjust according to any irregular mechanical shifts or misalignments occurring in all planes and directions when connected to any device under test (DUT) and are therefore ideal for automated testing applications.

These adaptors easily slide reliably even if they are not properly centered. This is not possible with conventional adaptors that operate based on push-pull mechanisms. Therefore, conventional adaptors do not compensate for any misalignments in position or surface and are unsuited for automatic testing.

Each of the measurement ports in the DUT and the measurement tolerance is automatically adjusted and corrected using these spring-mounted adaptors, thereby ensuring sufficient and precise mechanical pressure and accurate electrical contact.

As a result, these adaptors protect the contact between DUT and adaptor from mechanical tolerances, misalignments and other effects that might potentially lead to inaccurate measurement results. Thus, EasyDock adaptors inevitably become an excellent choice over conventional adaptors.

All SPINNER EasyDock adaptors feature quick & reliable connection, guaranteed mating and are available in three different versions:

  • for jig automated coupling movements to multiple DUT ports, self-aligning, non-locking,
  • for manual coupling to DUT, lockable, perfectly balanced – effortless work, save time – easy latching, highly ergonomic design, suitable for calibrated setups, resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • for robotic based coupling movements to DUT, pick & connect – suitable for 2-jaw gripper, self-aligning, mechanically lockable

These unique adaptors are available in 4.3-10 and 7-16 connector options. Click here to learn more about SPINNER Group's low-PIM solutions.

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