Rohde & Schwarz Offers Multiple GCF-Certified 5G Conformance Test Cases in a Single Box

Rohde & Schwarz Offers Multiple GCF-Certified 5G Conformance Test Cases in a Single Box

Rohde & Schwarz is now offering the GCF test platform TP292 with the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester. The platform consists of over 500 certified conformance test cases (more than any other in the industry) in a single box. With this, the company is set to become one of the industry-leading manufacturers of 5G conformance testing solutions.

Rohde & Schwarz submitted its latest 5G NR protocol conformance test cases to the Global Certification Forum (GCF) at the GCF CAG#72 meeting in October 2022 and successfully passed verification. The company now has over 500 GCF-certified protocol conformance test cases, illustrating the leadership of Rohde & Schwarz in 5G NR protocol conformance testing.

The latest verification of test cases at the GCF CAG#72 meeting enables Rohde & Schwarz to provide 41 certified test cases for the latest 3GPP Rel. 16 features, including self-organizing network-minimized drive test technology (SON-MDT), radio capability signaling optimization (RACS), NR mobility enhancement, or enhancement of network slicing (eNS). 85 IMS protocol test cases are now available, enabling certification of IP multimedia subsystems. The R&S CMX500 is at the core of Rohde & Schwarz conformance test solutions such as R&S TS8980 (RF testing), R&S TS-RRM (radio resource management) and R&S TS-LBS (location based services).

Rohde & Schwarz offers protocol conformance testing (PCT) and network operator device acceptance testing (NetOp). The test solutions all use the R&S CMX500 one-box tester, which fully supports the 5G FR1 frequency range up to 8 GHz and the FR2 millimeter-wave frequency range up to 50 GHz in one instrument, in both 5G stand-alone and non-stand-alone modes, along with LTE as inter-RAT technology for PCT and NetOp. It can handle many different present and future 5G 3GPP and LTE band combinations.

The R&S CMX500 also supports functional testing, basic RF testing, end-to-end application testing (such as VoNR), maximum throughput testing and much more to meet the testing needs of mobile device manufacturers.

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